Maintenance activities

Maintenance activities can be used for any type of activity, for maintenance, calibration, fire monitoring, sampling, tools, services, etc. This module creates all kinds of activities with a number of different parameters such as time, values, concepts, etc. The planning of the works on time, spare parts cost drivers, etc. The activities can visually see the plans, work orders, fault reporting and current deliveries. From this list, you can perform different actions depending on the activity. Approval of the planned measures can be done in the Gantt chart for planning of AO graphically. For the AO where the scheduled time of completion is shown in the diagram. These can be moved and changed to receiver, and start / stop time in your schedule and updated information of the AO is updated.

Round lists

It’s not always functional to have a planning for each measure. Sometimes it’s more convenient to collect a number of measures or controls in a round list. A round list is used to collect a number of jobs on a round protocol, where each job has a sequence and a number of performance dates. With Idus app it’s particularly handy to check off these jobs.

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