Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Idus we develop and sell maintenance systems with related software and services letting our customers optimize their organizations by carrying out the right maintenance at the right time.

At Idus we value your privacy in accordance with the European union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will never sell, lease or redistribute your personal data to any external party without your consent, except for when this might be legally required of us or due to a court ruling.

Our principle is to only store data necessary for us to carry out our commitments towards our customers, potential customers, employees, potential employees, suppliers or partners.

We do not store any sensitive data concerning sexual orientation, political views or union membership.

If you have any questions or comments on this privacy policy you can reach us by phone on +46 611 275 30 or by mail on

Personal data

When you contact us, we register your personal data in order to maintain a mutual dialogue. We will also store what we have agreed upon.

We can collect personal data if we believe that there is a valid interest for you to receive the information sent by us.

How is your data used?

Subscription based communication to potential customers: the subscription will start first when we have received a confirmation that you would like to receive our emails. If you wish to unsubscribe from future newsletters there will always be an unsubscription link in every newsletter.

We use your personal data to send you information about our products, services, activities or any other marketing according to your request.

Subscription based communication to existing customers: when you are an existing customer, we will send you information and news about different products and services that your organization have purchased from us.


We send invites to user events and other customer events. We will also send other type of information that you might draw benefit from in your daily work. If you wish to unsubscribe from future newsletters you can always do so by following the provided link in every newsletter.


We use personal data from different points of contact such as contact forms on our website, email, live chat and phone calls in order to reconnect with you according to your requests.

At Idus we constantly work with continuous improvement. A part of that work is to collect customer feedback about what we can improve in our procedures and what to improve in the software. In order to receive this feedback, we can sometimes send surveys to our existing customers. 


Your personal data

When we are looking for new colleagues, we need to register personal data about the applicants in order to fulfill the recruitment.

We save your personal data during the period that we consider necessary to fulfill our obligations. You can request an extract of your personal data at any time or demand that we correct your data when incorrect.

Cookies and tracking

We use cookies and other technical assistance on our website to help us customize our communication to the visitor.

We also use these technologies to increase security by detecting and preventing attacks and other types of exploitation. If you don’t wish to use cookies on our website, you can deactivate them in your browser.

In order to continually improve the user experience on our website we use different tools for analysis and marketing. These tools allow customized ads. We anonymize your data through hashing when sending it to the ad networks when possible.

We use the following ad networks; Linkedin, Google, Facebook.

Changes to this integrity policy

Idus will change this integrity policy when necessary. The latest version will always be available on our website

Annette Larsson, CEO at Idus


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