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Now, everything is submitted

When we started with Idus we wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone so we focused a lot on image navigation. The result was that we almost received occurring every fault, very little fell between the cracks. Now everything is reported concludes maintenance manager Per Bengtsson.

The production department certainly calls us on the most urgent matters but when they await support they create a fault report in the maintenance system. Everything is almost reported on the right equipment as well, it is clear that the image navigation makes everything easier the users. There comes a broader acceptance for the system with the image navigation and when the production sees that the faults becomes corrected, it results in a positive circle. Everyone sees the purpose of reporting faults.

Useful reports

From everything that has been reported the maintenance department can gain knowledge and see which pumps have a lower or higher fault frequency. The system should therefore not only support the maintenance manager but everyone. Everyone must benefit in order to succeed.

Before we installed Idus there was no support for maintenance aside from a slate, nowadays wherever we go we have Idus with us.

On our morning meetings we go through and distribute fault reports and work orders. We have an Idus meeting every third when we go through every fault report so nothing falls between the cracks. When the jobs have been carried out they are closed by our team leaders. Once every quarter we go through all work orders in the maintenance system which takes some time but it’s effective. On this way we manage our daily operation.

We have gone one step further and allowed everyone to report suggestions for continuous improvement through the maintenance system. The next step will probably be to move maintenance intervals to condition based maintenance which is very exciting.

Per Bengtsson, Maintenance Manager Boliden Bergsöe

Boliden Bergsöe
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