Göteborgs Kex

We wouldn’t manage without Idus

OEE has increased by about 95% and emergency breakdowns are much fewer since we installed. It saves money of course. 

We have six biscuit lines and two sandwich lines which together produce 22 000 tonnes of biscuits each ear. 

When we choose Idus we did it because it had all the functions we needed but also because it was so easy to use. 

Anyone can learn how to use Idus

The best thing is that all information is permanently stored. Nothing disappears which it would do on paper. The information will also provide a foundation for strategic decisions. Previously we could have a feeling for different things, for example, which machines we had most problems with. 

Now we can see everything in plain sight. Another good thing that came with the project was that we finally could organize our 7 000 storeroom items. 

Lars Hammarstrand
System Manager , Göteborgs Kex - Kungälv

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