Horsens Bioenergi

Managing Director Klaus Johansen at the of the plant with a perfect view of the fields west of Horsens. Surplus products from Horsens Bioenergi ApS are used in some of these fields in place of fertilizers to optimize grain production.

Novotek A/S recently successfully implemented an Idus Maintenance system at Horsens Bioenergi ApS. With an annual production of more than 10 million cubic meters of biogas, Horsens Bioenergi ApS is one of Denmark’s largest and most efficient biogas production facilities.

“Condition-based maintenance is key to upholding our efficiency because we are a 24/7 operation, and downtime is very costly to us, so we would rather inspect our equipment once too often than risk unforeseen downtime”, explains plant manager Henrik Bie. Idus Maintenance system generates work orders based on operating hour-values retrieved from our Win CC Scada system.

“Idus Maintenance system has provided our highly qualified staff with an excellent tool to keep our equipment healthy at all times”, said Klaus Johansen, managing director for Horsens Bioenergi ApS. Klaus Johansen continued: “Systems have to be user friendly, otherwise the staff will be reluctant to use them. We are pleased to use the Idus App for all personnel in the field”.

Horsens Bioenergi ApS has made it a priority to ensure that the architecture of the plant fits in with the surroundings.

Horsens Bioenergi Klaus Johansen

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