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The entire backlog in one system

The most important thing for us was to have a clear overview of the maintenance backlog. Together with Idus, we integrated our maintenance system with EDP Future where we have our address register and Geosecma which is our GIS with the pipelines. We did this to manage work orders on both plants and pipelines in Idus. We have developed our process so that all personnel has the same work procedures. Earlier the procedures could differ depending on which department or which software was used. Now we all work by the same procedures regardless of your working on drinking water, wastewater, electrical department, automation, or pipeline. Even our customer service is working in Idus.

MSVA got the overview they wanted

We will add both GIS objects and equipment in Idus on our workorders. It will give us a clear picture of our maintenance backlog. To make everything easier for the maintenance department we have made many fields preconfigured or required so that you can easily see what you need to enter. It provides both user-friendliness and better data for follow-up. 

We are a team of 105 that are working in Idus. Everything that is submitted internally is made directly in Idus and external requests are submitted through or customer service. Earlier we could receive work requests by phone and later solved the fault without registering what we did. Then it was hard to know if there was a need for any follow-up work to prevent additional faults.

We have 12 000 objects in Idus, but it increases all the time. We collect 1 000 signals. We have 4 000 planned maintenance activities and about 25 000 closed workorders each year. 

The win for us to have a larger quality in our performed work which is made possible by a standardized workflow within the entire organization regardless of department and a common overview of the entire plant structure. We can go from guessing to knowing our situation and what to focus on. 

Veronica Söderberg, Head of Process Support – MittSverige Vatten & Avfall AB

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