Uddevalla Energi

Uddevalla Energi supplies Uddevalla with electricity and district heating. Reliability is key to fulfill that mission and good reliability will require much of the maintenance department. Uddevalla Energi uses Idus Maintenance System to manage, plan och improve their maintenance work with better results. 

Several plants and facilities

We have five powerplants, one of them is a CHP Plant and a pellets factory. We have about 2 000 planned maintenance activities which are constantly increasing. The objective of our maintenance department is to secure availability at our plants and making sure that they are running so that we can secure deliveries to our customers. Reliability is a key component in our organization.

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Preventive maintenance

In order to meet the demands that are set on maintenance, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance and that is facilitated with a maintenance system. All activities are determined by time, the maintenance is planned by OEM requirements in order to get preventive maintenance. When the maintenance department receives a work request they will plan, carry out and close the work order in Idus. If the work request would contain anything strange there is always the possibility to contact the submitter since it’s traceable in Idus. 

Another important aspect of preventive maintenance is the availability of parts and materials. Knowing if the part is available or needs to be ordered is of vital importance for the planned maintenance. Idus holds the prerequisites for us to actively improve or store room routines.

Reports and improvements

We are continuously running reports in Idus so that we can analyze and improve our maintenance procedures. Guided by Idus we can see where we need to improve our plants to improve reliability. With the reports, we can see which equipment that requires the most maintenance and from that, we can initiate more preventive maintenance, modify or construct other solutions that will increase availability. Idus is a dynamic tool for me that really improves my everyday work.

Fredrik Bottenmark, System Engineer Uddevalla Energi

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