Document Management

Industrial facilities are always in the need of documenting their technical equipment and to do that a good document management system is key. Documents can consist of manuals,  blueprints, wiring diagrams, spare parts-descriptions and, maintenance instructions but also risk analysis and permits.

Gather all Documents

Idus contains a complete document management system. All types of documents can be stored within the document archive, regardless of the file types like PDF, images, or CAD drawings. Idus also provides version management to give you the latest version at hand while having previous versions just in case.

Overview the documents in your app

The documents can be stored on work orders, planned maintenance, or be stored on the machine overview. In that case, your documents will be accessible in the maintenance app.

Easily accesible

The documents can be stored in the database which means that you will get rid of all common problems like broken links or wrong version numbers. Just by right-clicking you can edit documents and update the version. All documents can be tagged which means that you have a lot of search terms to find your document.

Documents in Idus App

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