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Cloud or on-premise?

When new IT systems are to be introduced in a business, a common question is usually whether the system is to be installed locally on its own server or whether the system is to be accessible in the cloud via the browser.

When it comes to performance, availability and security, the difference is extremely marginal and in the end it is only the internal IT policy that determines what suits best.

SaaS – Software As A Service is available through the browser without installation and downloads.

Install on your own server

It is perfectly possible to install Idus on your own server and it is even possible to run Idus without access to the internet. This also means that Idus Apps can be run offline and they then sync all information when you are connected to your network again.

Move to the cloud whenever you want

With Idus maintenance system, you own your own database, regardless of whether you choose a cloud solution or installation on your own server. The software is compatible, which means that it is easy to switch from one solution to the other if your needs change in the future. Idus IS can be placed in the cloud, either on our cloud service or if you have a cloud service yourself.

Update when necessary

You choose when the system should be upgraded, depending on how it fits the production or if you need any training before upgrading or the like.

Idus maintenance system can be connected to your other systems. It can be connected both to the production, to get condition based maintenance or to the ERP in order to transfer business data. 

SaaS - Browser only

Idus SaaS means that the application is available in the cloud and the only thing you need to access the application is a browser. You never need to download any add-ons or plug-ins. You can find the app in your app store.

Maximum security

Your database is located in the world’s leading server halls and it is moved between these server halls as an insurance against natural disasters and other unforeseen events. The information is stored according to ISO certifications ISO 27001, SOC 1/1/3 and PCI DSS Level 1 certification. If you choose Idus as SaaS, you cannot install on your own server in the future. The database is still your property, we only access it in support cases.

Always updated

The system is automatically upgraded with new functions, reports, key figures and much more that you benefit from. The upgrades are done automatically, so you don’t have to book an appointment, set aside resources or pay anything extra, everything is included as a customer with a subscription.

We would like to show you how

Let us show you how you can use Idus to do the right maintenance at the right time and create improvements for the entire maintenance operation.

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